What’s your Monster Backstory?

Chester Jester

Every monster has a story. And your monster should too. What makes an actor great? The prep work he has done to create his character. Why should you be any different in creating your monster? In a haunted event or even just dressing up for a party? It deserves a attention to detail.

Where did your creation come from? What made him or her that way? Can he change from good to evil and back again? Where does he live? Is he a progressive liberal trapped in a Fox-watching-conservative Glenn-Beck-worshiping family? (Oh wait, that’s for another blog..)

Create a backstory so you can have your character be fully YOURS not a copy of someone else’s. The more detail the better. The more original the better.

Why should this matter, you ask? Geez, it’s just makeup. We have been in the makeup and haunted event biz for decades; Suffice it to say, that we have seen it all when it comes to scare-acting…the brilliant, the good and the just plain “Why are you here? Go home to your Warcraft game and let the pros work this crowd!” We know what makes a good scare actor better– Detail. Don’t overlook the small things–in your makeup design, your costume and your character choices. Really, anyone can hide, jump out and shake a noise can. Even if that is all that is expected of you; make a commitment to do more. Think outside the box. In fact, blow up the friggin’ box.

Write some ideas down. Stay away from cliches and things others have done. This will make your whole experience all the richer. Then you can rejoice in the simple fact that you have helped make your audience’s Halloween all that much richer, too.


5 responses to “What’s your Monster Backstory?

  1. This is a fantastic post. I especially like the “Why are you here? Go home to your Warcraft game and let the pros work this crowd!” since that seems to be half the people I see when I've worked haunted events.

    Maybe you guys could post some of your favorite characters' backgrounds.

  2. Great advice I use a mask for my Clown but it is a really cool mask and I makeup my eyes. Beep Beep is an evil undead clown that feeds on brains and other various body parts and will promise you only one thing Amazing Pain!!!!!!

  3. Before I crated my scaracter… I looked at the website and asked people for their opinions, what scared them more, and actually held a poll with people from the haunted house. It was settled with the clown being chosen. My scaracters name name was actually chosen by workers/customers at the event. I had a name chosen but theirs stuck. Eventually, I got tired of correcting them. Ha. Thinking about how you're character will talk, act, interact, and all that good stuff helps… but its easier and funner to go with the flow and once your in character, stay there. It is easier to stay in character when in make up than risking talking or acting like you always do. Ruins the effect. Other than that… my best tip is to just have fun with it.
    -R AKA It ThE cLoWn

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